Lha depends on the goodwill of volunteers and monetary and material donations for it to provide essential rehabilitation resources to the exiled Tibetan community. Lha is a non-profit organization dependent on monetary contributions from philanthropic corporations and generous individuals. In India, even a little goes a long way, and a lot goes very far!

Account Name: Lha Charitable Trust
Account Number: 2517000101008335
Bank Name: The Punjab National Bank
Branch: Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala, H.P

Payable to: Lha Charitable Trust
Lha Office Temple Road, Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala, 176219
Distt Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

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French Teaching / Tutoring

French Teacher Description:

French language classes were started in 2003. We currently have 20-30 students per month in the Beginning and Intermediate levels we offer at Lha. Classes run for one hour daily, Monday through Friday.

We have a variety of students in these classes, including high school and college students, monks, nuns and lay people who are currently unemployed. Some of the common reasons why the students have an interest in learning French is for future employment opportunities (some students are planning to go abroad where French is the official spoken language), college course preparation (students have to learn one foreign language for college), and to exchange knowledge and stories with people who speak French.

We ask that Language Teachers at Lha commit to a minimum stay of two months, in order to ensure as much course continuity as possible for our students. Teachers have access to a variety of teaching aids and materials through the Lha Library located in the main office building on Temple Road. Language Teachers at Lha are responsible for taking daily attendance, lesson planning, creating and grading homework and periodic exams for their students, and notifying the Teacher Coordinator in a timely manner should they be unable to attend their scheduled class.

Volunteer Summary:

Lha offers a variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the Tibetan community. While we welcome drop-in volunteers with no previous communication or planning, we also offer other options for those wanting to plan ahead and receive supported services before arrival in India, upon arrival and during their stay in Dharamsala.

Pre-arranged volunteers are guaranteed a placement at Lha, and we strongly encourage potential volunteers to submit an application before your arrival in India so that we can be sure to place you in a role best suited to your unique skill-sets. Most volunteers work directly with Lha, while others are placed throughout the community with other NGOs.

We believe our reception and orientation service is to the mutual benefit of both Lha and our volunteers, enabling the smoothest and most efficient transition possible to Dharamsala. Please note that all donations received from these services go directly into the social service programs provided by Lha.

If you are trained in any specific skills, we will try to provide opportunities for you to use your expertise to benefit others in our community.  If you are planning to just drop in, our office is located on Temple Road in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala (just across from State Bank of India). Our office is open from 9AM-5PM, Monday to Saturday. Please note that the Lha office is closed on the second Saturday of every month.

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annual report 2016 2

Reports 2015


The Annual Report, written by Lha’s Director, Ngawang Rabgyal, sets out the aims of the organization, the year’s developments and the latest financial position. It also illustrates the diversity of the social programs provided, and the numbers of students and beneficiaries who have benefited from these services. These achievements could not have been reached without the generosity of the volunteers and the dedication of the students and Lha’s employees.