Lha depends on the goodwill of volunteers and monetary and material donations for it to provide essential rehabilitation resources to the exiled Tibetan community. Lha is a non-profit organization dependent on monetary contributions from philanthropic corporations and generous individuals. In India, even a little goes a long way, and a lot goes very far!

Payable to: Lha Charitable Trust
Lha Office Temple Road, Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala, 176219
Distt Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

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Lha offers many different volunteer options within the Tibetan community. We welcome drop-in volunteers with no previous communication or planning, and also options for those wanting to plan ahead and receive supported services before arrival in India, upon arrival and during their stay in Dharamsala. Pre-arranged volunteers are guaranteed a placement at Lha, and we strongly encourage potential volunteers to submit an application before your arrival in India so that we can be sure to place you in a role best suited to your unique skill-set. A wide array of meaningful volunteer opportunities are available for both skilled and unskilled individuals. Most volunteers work directly with Lha, while others are placed throughout the community with other NGOs.

For those of you that would like to do some preliminary planning, here are a few of the services offered by Lha.

1) Reception: This option is for those of you that would like to have your travel taken care of once you arrive in Delhi, airport pick up, arrange accommodation and one night in Delhi Tibetan Colony, transport by bus or train to Dharamsala Mcleod Ganj.

2) Orientation: This option is for those of you making your way to Dharamsala on your own. This services includes, upon arrival, a tour of the town (accommodation options, safe restaurants, laundry service, temples and other sites of interest...) cultural awareness preparedness and volunteer placement services. Our volunteer coordinator will meet you upon arrival help you find accommodation then accompany you to the Lha volunteer coordination office.

3) Reception and Orientation: This option is for those of you that would like to have your travel taken care of once you arrive in Delhi. This will include airport pick up and one night hotel stay and bus transport to Dharamsala. Our volunteer coordinator will be on-call for your questions while in Delhi and will be waiting to greet you for orientation once you arrive in Dharamsala.

4) Tibetan Homestay: Lha arranges homestay of one month with Tibetan refugee families. By sharing meals and day to day life with a Tibetan family, your cultural experience will be intensified and if you are interested in the Tibetan language – you will be able to practice your language skills in the home. This homestay program can give you unforgettable insights into ritual, family and life "behind closed doors" in the Tibetan refugee community – and hopefully help you make friends for life.

* Please note: any profits received for these services go directly into the social service programs supported by Lha.

Our Reception and Orientation services are designed to provide all the necessary assistance needed for safely arriving here in Mcleod Ganj and being prepared with the cultural awareness and sensitivity for interacting in this unique culture. If you have not already visited Mcleod Ganj or had personal experience within a Tibetan community, we highly recommend signing up for at least the Orientation service to be properly prepared for volunteering here. If you do not wish to opt for either of these services, we will still try to assist you in locating a volunteer opportunity, but we will be unable to guarantee its availability or reserve the placement.

If you are interested in choosing one of our services, but are financially unable to afford them, please let us know. We provide potential volunteers with fundraising suggestions and other ways to raise financial support from friends and family. In special circumstances, we also offer full or partial financial assistance; please contact us for more information.

Thank you again for your interest in volunteering for the Tibetan community, please let us know how we can assist you in your volunteer efforts.

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