Lha depends on the goodwill of volunteers and monetary and material donations for it to provide essential rehabilitation resources to the exiled Tibetan community. Lha is a non-profit organization dependent on monetary contributions from philanthropic corporations and generous individuals. In India, even a little goes a long way, and a lot goes very far!

Payable to: Lha Charitable Trust
Lha Office Temple Road, Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala, 176219
Distt Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

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 Testimonials & Feedback

 Here are just a few of the testimonials from volunteers, the local community, and those who have participated in the cultural exchange program.

We use this feedback to help us improve our service delivery to students and monitor the welfare of our volunteers. We are committed to making sure the experience is beneficial and educational for both parties. If you have any questions about the testimonials given, or would like to share your own experience of Lha, click here to join Lha's Blog community.

 The rooms were amazing, probably my favorite place to stay throughout my entire stay (Ahimsa). There were always enough space and it was very clean. The meals provided by Lha kitchen were wonderful. I liked how there were always options to choose from.- Bnanna Manieri

 It was a very nice experience; I think the best in my life. I hope to return at least once in my life to volunteer here and help in Lha. I am very happy to see this kind of mutual help and kindness in all the people. I love Tibet.- Palina Abad Venegas

Ahimsa house was great, the hot water, wifi and filtered water was great to have access to. The meal were excellent, I love all the vegetarian options. Breakfast was also excellent and the fruit was always fresh.- Joanna Johnson

The accommodations were great, it was fun to see “American” food incorporated into breakfast and dinner. Volunteering was a great experience, I feel like I learned as much from my partner as she did from me. The sightseeing excursions were very valuable and definitely enhance the experience.- Maggie Hermann

The rooms of Ahimsa were magnificent and well-prepared. Towels, extra sheets, and bathroom were all clean. The library was a great touch. The meals were great.- Joe Signorelli

This was amazing, I’m so glad to congratulate Lha Charitable Trust for these activities. Meeting the translator of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, meeting the Prime Minister of Tibet and his parliament, was an unforgettable experience. Meeting directors of many associations and being able to talk to them was a grateful experience that I will never forget. My feedback is to keep doing these activities; it enriches our whole lives and perspective towards ourselves.- Daniely Miranda

It was amazing and very impressive being able to meet as many and as important people we met throughout this trip. It is definitely worth having, we learned a lot in every sense about Tibetan culture, beliefs and developments. It is also very impressive how we got to meet such important people in a worldwide level such as His Holiness Dalai Lama’s translator and the Prime Minister.- Regina Rivero Rerkins

It was my favorite thing. Meeting with learning partners made me learn a ton and helped me feel at home here. I feel useful and lucky to have the opportunity.- Anonymous

I love my mutual learning partner very much. The program has given me so much knowledge about what is happening in Tibet and what I can do as an American to help. I will continue to stay in touch with my learning partner after such a magnificent experience.- Jenelle Parks

Amazing. I was shocked by the quality of the speakers that we were able to meet. Samdhong Rinpoche and Ama Adhe were my favorite.- Nick Perls

All lectures that we were exposed to were extremely well organized and informative. This allowed us to be more aware and remove our ignorance of many realities Thank you. - Emilie Grodmon

I was surprised to notice that there are a lot of volunteers in Mcleod Ganj from all over the world and I was happy to share stories with them. Conversation class at Lha was  amazing! I loved hearing different personal Tibetan stories from the students! They were all so grateful.- Sharon Terrazas

I thought the program was awesome: I loved the mutual learning partner program, the food at the Ahimsa house was really really good, the Ahimsa house was really nice and comfortable and clean.- Kristina

Mutual learning partners were awesome. I am in love with Sonam. She is amazing and great and eager to learn and i could go on and on and on. The food was great the entire time. The Ahimsa house did a fabulous job with all the meals.- Winnie

The food was always delicious, the rooms were great and overall it was a wonderful experience to stay at the Ahimsa House.- Clare

I would say that the Mutual Learning Partner experience was one of the greatest learning opportunities that I have ever been a part of. It was amazing to both teach and learn at the same time. I believe this is what Prof.Samdhong Rinpoche was trying to say regarding teaching.- Hunter

Dorje was a great learning partner and I feel that both of us learned a great deal from the other. Overall I enjoyed the way that the learning partner program was set up. I would like to stay in touch with this program in hopes to do more for it in the future. – Joe White, USA

My assigned partner was very eager to learn and hopes to join her brother in America one day. With that goal in mind, I’m sure she would appreciate more students in the future helping her improve her English – Kelly, USA

Every day Taski, my learning partner, would bring a list of words and phrases to ask me about and she was usually able to recall what they meant days later. Overall it was a great experience that I hope was mutually beneficial. – Margarat Sands, USA

My partner has definitely benefited from this experience. He was very open about his life and story and he was very interested in learning about English words including other languages as well. I highly recommend him as a good learning partner. -Andrew N, USA

Sonam’s English is very good. If she was to live in America she would be fine. Sonam should still have a learning partner to help with the more advanced words. She also needs help with writing – English grammar and past tense usage. Speaking English for her is going well but she needs to exercise her writing skills more. – Audrey Lynne, USA

Pema Kyi was a great learning partner. She was friendly and open and really helped me gain a better understanding of Tibetan culture. – Marie USA

I cannot praise Dam Choe, my learning partner, more. He is an extraordinary human being with boundless will to learn, understand and aid from other people. Despite his limited knowledge of the English language, Dam Choe was willing to explore deep topics such as global politics, war, Buddhist philosophy, race, chemistry and human relationships. He was sincerely focused on the learning partnership, and we spent every hour in conversation and instruction, staying away from the touristy attractions in lieu of the real experience.

I have never before met someone like Dam Choe. There is no one more suited for and in need of programs such as this.- by Lewis Baker, USA

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