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Website of Samdhong Rinpoche

The 21st Century is considered to be the era of internet. The Tibetans both inside and outside of Tibet have shown great interest and fondness for the internet as other people of the world. Hence, through this website, Lha Charitable Trust, an institute for social work and education, has decided to promote and broadcast the extensive and valuable teachings and writings of Professor Samdhong Rinpoche under the umbrella project of Preservation and Promotion of Tibetan Culture and Tradition.

Rinpoche's speeches and writings on Buddhism, non-violence, education, political science, democracy, law, history, auxiliary sciences, language, environment, promotion of virtue, promotion of peace, values of life etc are available in media formats whereby we can read, listen to, and watch them in English, Tibetan, and Hindi – but there has never been a compilation of all these together. We are therefore delighted to present all of Rinpoche's speeches and writings in here for the benefit of all people throughout the world and particularly to the Tibetans living in Tibet and outside of Tibet who wanted to learn and give respect and importance to the Rinpoche's works.

The proposal to launch a website dedicated to Rinpoche was floated several years ago and permission was sought multiple times through his personal assistant. Rinpoche declined on all the occasions and the launch was delayed to this day. Nevertheless, the concern for the loss of his valuable thoughts and teachings and the great benefits they can be to the world in general, and to Tibetans in particular – has daringly prompted us to launch this website without his permission.

Nowadays, in the world in general and especially in Tibetan society, the value of virtuous conduct is in fast and constant decline. In times like these, when people everywhere are blinded by jealousy, competitiveness, and self-aggrandisement, a saintly and exemplary person like Rinpoche is increasingly rare. As per his conduct is concerned, Professor Samdhong Rinpoche lives with great contentment and conscientiousness, and continues to dedicate to a life of study, contemplation, and practice. He has no attachment to luxurious living, material wealth, fame, or high status. To say in short, he lives a life of a simple Buddhist monk who has renounced money, materials and other things.

Regarding his wisdom and knowledge, Rinpoche is a renowned scholar in both Buddhist and non-Buddhist fields. He is learned and expert in exposition, debate, and composition by upholding the integrity, pride, honour, and majesty of Tibetan people not only among Tibetan society but also among the Eastern and Western scholars. To establish this, he has been honoured with many scholarly titles by renowned Indian universities in particular and other international universities, educational institutions, research centres, etc. in general.

Prof. Rinpoche dedicatedly shoulders major services of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and straight away follows his every word. His whole life has been dedicated to the cause of Tibetan religion, politics, culture etc. but never had displayed or boasted of what he has done. His spectacular deeds are visibly witnessed by all the judicious people. In spite of this, he fully ascertained his belief in the tenet of truth and non-violence and is also a well-known practitioner of them.

It goes without saying that the Tibetan people are greatly fortunate to have such a great figure at this crucial time in our history. We are therefore extremely proud to have the opportunity to launch this website. In pursuit of making this website an important resource for the researchers and practitioners, we will continue updating Rinpoche's philosophy, teachings, and writings. It is our hope that this high purpose will be served by our humble actions.

Through this website, we will make available to access the written, recorded, and video teachings as well as photos of Rinpoche, and also connectivity to other social websites.

We will highly be grateful and request you to contribute teachings in written or video format, or any other relevant media of Venerable Professor Samdhong Rinpoche to this office.
Thank you once again. www.samdhongrinpoche.com


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